School Profile

Student Body -- Catholic and non-Catholic students drawn from Harrisburg and surrounding areas.

Accreditation -- Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Elementary Schools.  Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  National Catholic Education Association.  Harrisburg Diocese / Board of Education.

Core Curriculum -- Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Reading, Physical Education, Music, Art, Technology.

Computer Lab -- Introduction and intermediate training in Word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and graphic presentations; includes introduction and access to the Internet.  Educational games for all students. Blogging and Skyping are part of the technology curriculum.  HCE is a member of the Diocesan WAN, giving us many new software tools and applications for the students' use. 

Art -- Introduction to fine art, art history, and technique.

Music Program -- Students will spend the year singing songs, playing instruments, and working on projects such as creating instruments and music games to enforce music notation, rhythm and tonal literacy.  Students will also be exposed to various styles and broad genres throughout music history. 

Band Program -- Instruction in band instruments and music theory.  Grades K through 8.

Sports Program -- Intramural sports program and CYO basketball and cheerleading are available for grades 5 through 8. 

Field Trips -- Students at the Cathedral Campus enjoy field trips to local museums, theaters, and riverfront attractions.  Field trips are privileges, not a guaranteed right.  Students who fail to meet academic or behavioral requirements may be denied participation in field trips.  Those students are expected to report to school at the regular time.  Written consent of parents / guardians is required for each student participating in every field trip. 

Special Education -- Provided by Capital Area Intermediate Unit and Catapult Learning through the federal Title 1 Program and Pennsylvania Act 89 Services. 

Other Programs -- Before School and After School Programs are offered at Holy Family Campus only.  Please see links above for detailed information.

Meal Program -- HCE offers a grab and go breakfast and a hot lunch each day.  Free and reduced prices are available.  See links above or call a school office for more info.  Please be sure to check the meal program link above for this month's menus. 

School Uniforms -- All students must wear the HCE school uniform.  The uniform requirements are explicitly stated in the student handbook.  Flynn O'Hara is located at 869 Eisenhower Boulevard, Harrisburg.  They can be reached at 717-939-5600 or Flynn O'Hara.  No uniform is required for Pre-K students, but jeans are not permitted. 

Report Cards -- Report cards are distributed three times a year.  Each trimester lasts approximately 12 weeks; half way through each trimester, Progress Reports are sent to parents providing an update on their child's progress.

Nursing Services -- The School District of Harrisburg provides occasional nursing services to HCE through a variety of evaluations and other services.