Helpful Hints for Pre-K

Arrival -- The Pre-K program begins at 8:30 a.m. daily.  No child may arrive before 8:15 a.m.  Children should be dropped off on Liberty Street, at the front door of the school.  The teacher will be there to meet the children.

Birthdays -- Children may bring a special snack to share on their birthday.  Please avoid sending cakes which would require cutting.  Party invitations for birthday celebrations outside of school should not be sent through the school unless the entire class is invited.

Clothing -- Children should wear comfortable, washable play clothes.  No jeans please.  Sturdy closed-toe shoes or sneakers are best.  Sandals may only be worn with socks.  Jellies and cowboy boots are not allowed.  Nail polish and tattoos are not in accordance with the school dress code.  Please label all clothing, lunch boxes, etc.

A small pillow or blanket may be brought to school for "nap time."  No sleeping bags please.  Also, please send in a full change of clothing to cover emergencies.

Daily Schedule -- The daily schedule provides a balance of the following:  * Adult-directed and child-initiated activities * Active and quiet times * Independent and guided activities * Large group, small group and individual activities * Indoor and outdoor activities * Gross and fine motor activities

Dismissal -- The K-4 Program ends at 11:30 a.m. (half day) or 2:30 p.m. (full day).  Children are dismissed from the front door of the building.  Please be prompt.  Please notify the teacher in writing if your child is to be dismissed to anyone other than the parent or those authorized for pick up.  If custody issues restrict parental privileges, the school must have the legal restraint paper on file.  Verbal notification is insufficient.

Field Trips -- Local or near-by field trips will be arranged.  Parents are expected to assist with these projects.  Permission slips will be required for each event.

Illness -- Report all illness to the school office (234-3797) before 9:00 a.m. on the day of the illness.  Absentee notes should be sent with the child upon return to school.  Absences of 3 or more days require a doctor's note.  If the child becomes ill at school, the school office will call the parent to come for the child.

Show & Tell -- A special Show & Tell day will be assigned.  Although Show & Tell is not mandatory, it is designed to help your child learn self-expression.  Violent toys such as weapons should NOT be used for Show & Tell.  Toys from home are not permitted except as a Show & Tell item.

Additional information about the Pre-School Program

Our K-4 program at HCE is permeated with a strong Catholic emphasis.  Prayer and Bible stories are an integral part of the daily program.  Practice in living out Christian principles is begun at an early age.  Through group activities, the children learn to play together, to share with each other, and to be considerate of others.  Teaching self-discipline and manners are a part of the program. 

The child's natural curiosity is given many opportunities for development.  Self-expression is displayed through various media in arts and crafts, dramatics and musical activities.  The social dimension of the child's personality is stimulated and guided through multiple kinestic activities.  Indoor games, as well as outdoor games, help to establish individual and communal determination toward a specific goal.  Cooperation, initiative, responsibility, independence and oral expression are fostered in the classroom through personal relationship with teachers and peers. 

Some specific ways through which the goals of the program are achieved:

Through Observation -- * Field trips supplement classroom activities and broaden the children's educational experiences.  All children are expected to participate unless parental requests are submitted to the teacher.  * An acquaintance with the local vicinity is also an important part of the child's observation. 

Through Motion -- * The children develop their muscular coordination through various apparatus and gym equipment.  * The children are instructed in safety regulations and practices.  * All children are expected to participate in play / physical education activities unless special parental notification is given. 

Through Environment -- * The children learn to be perceptive of God's creation all around them.  * The children are made aware of the cycles of nature.  * They observe the growth pattern of living things.  * Field observation, nature painting, and visual charts all enhance their realization of the world around them.  * The children are taught a basic sense of direction -- left/right, up/down. 

Through Expression -- * Musical CDs, tapes and videos provide the opportunity for exercise in listening.  They also foster music appreciation.  * Song and dance enhance the children's sense of rhythm and movements. 

Through Social Relations -- * The children are given an opportunity to build a realistic self concept, apart from their membership in the family.  *  They learn their relationship to the other members of their family. * Through various group projects and cooperative activities, the children learn to play with others and to share with them.  * Awareness of community activities is stimulated through observation and conversation with community members such as the policeman, fireman.

Through Creative Arts -- * Self expression is encouraged and developed through story telling, show and tell, and nursery rhymes.  * Dramatic activities also bring out the creativity of each child.  * The use of various art media, such as crayon drawing, painting, and simple crafts encourage individual expression.  * Local and traditional customs are taught and encouraged through group planning and celebration.