August/September Breakfast menu -- click here

August/September Lunch menu -- click here

Meal Program

HCE offers a "grab and go" breakfast program.  Price for breakfast is $1.95 per child or 30 cents reduced rate.  Please see the menu links below for the daily breakfast offering. 

HCE's breakfast and lunch program are being offered by the Nutrition Group.  The hot lunch price is $2.90 per child or 40 cents reduced rate.  Again, please see the lunch menu link below.

Additional cartons of milk cost 25 cents.

Free and reduced price lunch applications must be completed at the beginning of each school year.

Please be sure to use the new Breakfast and Lunch Envelopes when ordering breakfast and/or lunch for your child(ren).  All money must accompany the orders.  Checks should be made payable to HCE.