Faculty and Staff



All faculty and staff members have an email address.  Please use the email address listed below to contact the appropriate faculty/staff member.

Mrs. Rushinski, Pre-K Teacher, srushinski@hbgcathelem.org

Miss Kopacko, Kindergarten Teacher, lkopacko@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Douillette, Kindergarten Aide, kdouillette@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Kerr, 1st Grade Teacher, ckerr@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Kreiser, 2nd Grade Teacher, ckreiser@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Nelson, 3rd Grade Teacher, knelson@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Frank, 4th Grade Teacher, pfrank@hbgcathelem.org

Miss Wrightstone, 5th Grade Teacher, swrightstone@hbgcathelem.org

    Visit Miss Wrightstone's website at http://hcemisswfifthgrade.weebly.com/

Mr. Johnnie Hicks, 6th Grade / Social Studies Teacher, jhicks@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Vogt, 7th Grade / Language Arts Teacher, bvogt@hbgcathelem.org

Miss Mahnken, 8th Grade / Math Teacher, mmahnken@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Noll, Phys Ed Teacher, anoll@hbgcathelem.org

Sister Mary Thomas, Computer Teacher at HF and Music Teacher, both campuses, srmarythomas@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Bircher, Art Teacher, sbircher@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. DelCollo, Support Staff, mdelcollo@hbgcathelem.org

Mr. Rushinski, Principal, drushinski@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Berry, Bookkeeper, amberry@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Johnson, Secretary at HF, ajohnson@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Peters, Secretary at Cathedral, mpeters@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Suzan Beshara, Before & After Care Director, sbeshara@hbgcathelem.org

Mrs. Speroff, Food Service Coordinator, Cathedral Campus, gsperoff@hbgcathelem.org

Miss Bearley, Computer Teacher and Monday secretary, Cathedral Campus, jbearley@hbgcathelem.org

Also on staff we at the Holy Family Campus we have Carlos Rojas as Custodian.  


In addition, HCE is pleased to have the following Intermediate Unit staff working with our school.

Leigh Shannon, Remedial Math Teacher at both campuses, lshannon@caiu.org

Tricia Benner, Reading Specialist at Cathedral, phbenner@caiu.org

Carly Coalson, Reading Specialist at Holy Family, ccoalson@caiu.org

Jason Boes, Counselor at both campuses, jboes@caiu.org

Rich Marlin, Speech and Language Specialist at both campuses, rmarlin@caiu.org

Amy Sheva, ELL Specialist at both campuses, asheva@caiu.org